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(Sony A55)Stop, in the name of vacation. This is Nevin in Beijing. I should show you the street shots I can manage to take in the coming few days.

I Saw It

(Sony A55)There is nothing to see on Lamma today except for this Lotus flower. That's the reason to be on Lamma.

Herb Garden On Lamma

(Sony A55)Lamma boasts the earliest herb garden in Hong Kong.  Called Herboland, the garden is actually a herb farm ran by two once young men who quitted their jobs to start the place on their own. Now the garden sits across a sizable piece of land adjacent to the Hung Shing Ye Beach, comprising a hut, a garden and a farmland.
The garden grows herbs to sell to customers including local restaurants. If you fancy going there for a cup of tea, just drop in and pay for it.  If you wish to take guided visit to the farmland, you'll need to organise a group of at least ten people. For details, you may drop them a line here.

Resting by the Sea

(Sony A55)

The most known beach on Lamma is Hung Sing Ye.  However, there is Sham Wan which is much less visited.  It is a breeding site for sea turtles.  Otherwise, find a quite place by the beach and take a nap.  Lamma is a good place to stay away from busyness.

Lamma Island

(Sony A55; mountain ranges seen opposite the Lamma Island)

Lamma Island is the biggest "offshore" island of Hong Kong. It is quite unlike, say, Cheung Chau Island in that Lamma has a larger population of expats. However, in recent years, more Mainland tourists rent accommodation on Lamma. 

Having a trip to Lamma is not about how much one can do, but how little.  It is a place to relax the body and mind. If you are interested to know more about the place, here you go.

That's Style

(Ricoh GX200Smoking in style. This is Sunday.  Do something in style to please yourself.