Sunday, 13 September 2009

Links to Ricoh CX1 Review

R0010466 (Medium)

The CX1 review series has just been finished, which looks into the credentials of the camera as a secondary tool to a serious compact.  Its strengths in manual controls, the usefulness/ use of long zoom, the high ISO image quality and some special functions are the main focus of discussion.  We have also briefly talked about why a zoom lens reaching too far may not necessarily be desirable.

The review posts are done in a photographic journal sort of writing, instead of the overly scientific but humdrum scrutiny.  The posts can be viewed after the following links:

1) A Serious Compact's Bedfellow

2) Bushwalk at Dark Hours with CX1

3) Night Scene Times Dynamic Range 

4) Changeover Tested During Sleepover

5) Roaming and Rummage

6) Long Zoom, Shallow Field and Panoramic Vista

7) Good (and) Grief

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