Saturday, 8 August 2009

Links to My User's Review: Optional Viewfinder

R0016597 (Medium)^The other photo I posted of this same scene looks like a big fire having been broken out. Fact is, it was the flame-like orange brightness of the sun shown on the edges of the clouds against an opening with a view to the sky

In case you're considering the viewfinder V-F1 for the GX cameras, or virtually an optional viewfinder for your other serious compacts, here are the links to the old posts of my review of the V-F1:

1) VF-1 Impresses Me: Observations of the external features

2) Viewfinder Spares You Troubles: The benefits of using the viewfinder

3) Stability and Variations: Two other advantages of using the viewfinder

4) ACES: Conclusions and final words

In addition, there are two posts about the significance of viewfinders:

5) A Scene as a Framed Photo

6) E-P1- Importance of an Integrated Viewfinder

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