Monday, 14 March 2016

Life Attitude

Nevin_20150101_GR001153(Ricoh GR)
One of the reasons I made my foray into photography some light years ago was because I had a sum of government grants for paying for my first semester in the uni and a marked lack of interest in any other hobby that I thought was remotely related to endearing myself to any prospective girlfriend in an effective way – which proved a smart and fruitful choice.

I had saved some pocket money from my mum to pay for the semester instead.  Huh!

I have never been very comfortable with action sports.  I don’t like the way those sports requiring one to compete with another in a way that the whole reality seems to build only on winning over the others.  That’s just personal.  I was more the Confucian kind of man of sport – that rather static kind of observant chap that could sit effortlessly with and listen effort-fully to you for hours, patting on your shoulder to cue you to move on and over.  I can do sports but odds are the result I get won’t look anything else other than embarrassing.

So the observant soul is still leading me to give young persons my advice which if at all useful is a cumulative sum of my success and failures.  Be it in photography, the way one goes about his life or the nuances of office politics.  I usually give my consul to them to not be manipulative or sophisticated in a hope to be successful but to be true to themselves and grab any opportunities coming their way to live their dreams out. 

A good photo to me is in a way a collective output of this life attitude too.  The idea just flows from your heart and mind to be reflected in the final image.  There you make yourself expressive photographically in a unique way, hopefully turning heads.

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