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DSC02833L (Sony A55)

The imminent launch of the A77 today is much anticipated among Sony camera fanboys (and girls), much as that of the soon-to-be-released GXR A12 Mount for Leica M among Ricoh, Leica and manual-focus-lens aficionados. It is interesting to see how the rumours and news of every single camera can forever set the photography community agog with intense discussions and reactions.

New camera introduction has become a close cousin of irrational decisions with which the potential and hypnotised-to-become-potential buyers generally fail to ask the right questions about the choices on hand: Do the new cameras really suit their photography needs and, most importantly, styles? 

It is only when the new cameras have gone through the fifteen minutes of fame will the decision be made more rationally. Take the A77 for example. It is certainly powerful and packed with new features. But this can also be translated as heavier, pricier and designed for more advanced users. Now, can’t a cheaper A55 or the newer A65 do what you wish to do? Maybe when the A77 is off the spotlight, we can think clearly about it without the hypes. 

But the GXR Leica M mount is in a totally different territory. After all, things with an exorbitant price tag are in that territory; the Leica Mount with a comparable lens will be expansive enough for that matter. And understandably those users are either too rich to be disputed (you just don’t bother to dispute with them; they have the money to burn) or seriously mature and experienced photographers. In case of the latter, they know what they need and will be investing. Personally, the author is interested to see how well Ricoh can implement it in the GXR system. 

Today’s shot was taken at the same ballet show as the one yesterday. The image was selected and framed from the scene of a large group of little ballet dancers waiting for their turn to dance. The photographer’s attention was captured by the curved lines on the shoulders accentuated by the lights and shadows, as well as the intense yet jolly atmosphere at that very moment.


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