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Soft Spot Still

It is extremely unusual for a grown man to in any way impede the progress of anything and everything trivial or all-important engulfing his life day in and day out especially when those persons, of whom there is an insufferable number in the world, have poor time management.  Unfortunately and embarrassingly so, it seems to be exactly the case happening to me.
(Visiting the Leica Gallery in Prague, 2016)

It has been a long while since I last updated this blog in 2016 after the trip to Austria and the Czech Republic. 

While people face the tyranny of work with the increasingly deflated buying power that comes of it which makes up a large part of the journey of most to the graveyard, the enjoyable moments of wandering away from such uninviting destination are incontestably, apart from the solace one may find in religions, either when we are with our loved ones or submerge ourselves in a hobby or two.
(Meeting photography blogger friend Crist again with his girlfriend, 2017 -- we first met i…